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Episode 2 // Is Writing Therapy?

In this conversation, we talked about how and whether writing stories from our lives is like therapy. What’s the difference between Disclosure about the more painful events of our lives and Making art about a life that includes those events. A note that...

Episode 1 // Too Much

Welcome to Writing Grief! We’re new here too. In our first episode, we get into our grief stories and the messages we received about them being “too much.” This episode requires a content warning for grief-related subjects such as death, pregnancy,...

Trailer: Introducing Writing Grief

Writing Grief is a podcast for writers who want to transform loss into art. In each episode, co-hosts Rachel Thompson and Meli Walker discuss their own grief memoirs through the lens of craft and care for other grief...
Writing Grief appears in thin text and the text of "grief" is missing pieces like it's either disappearing or appearing. A four-leaved skeleton plant appears in sepia brown.

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